Guidelines for Parents/Guardians
1. Parent must ensure that their wards are regular, punctual, properly dressed and always carry school diary & proper books with them.

2. Leave applications for 2 days should be addressed to the class teacher and for more than 2 days to the Principal.

3. Medical leave must be accompanied by a medical certificate.

4. No short leave for birth day, engagements or any other family celebration will be granted during school hours.

5. No concession will be granted especially to class XI & XII students, for coming late to school on ground of private tuition etc.

6. Parents are requested to discourage their wards of using private car, scooter etc. for coming to school.

7. No friends or relative/acquaintances may be directed on behalf or their parents to visit their ward during school hours.This will not be permitted. Do not send the ward to school if he/she complain of sickness or suffering form any infectious disease.

8. Parents are requested to keep watch on their wards regarding their studies. They must check them everyday.

9. Parents are expected to visit the school once a month to see their wards performance. Most suitable time is either recess time or last two periods on Saturday.

10.The Principal is full empowered to remove a students from school if
a) Students is not disciplined & disobeys school rules.
b) Student's behavior is found to be a bed influence on the others.
c) Student's academic performance is not satisfactory.

11.The parents/guardian will be bounded by school rules, which may be changed from time to time. In all matters of dispute, the decision of the school authorities will be binding on the parents/guardian.

12.All disputes come with in the jurisdiction of VILLAGE-HUSSAINKA,POST OFFICE- SHERPUR,DISTT GURGAON PIN 122502 courts only.

School Transport

Students can get the facility of the school transport, the routes are drawn up
and parents should consult the school transport in charge for necessary details.

1. The school arranges for the Buses, Vans and the Jeeps to carry children to
school and back home.

2. No application to with drawn from the Bus, Van and Jeep will be entertained
in the middle of session, once it is annulled the beginning session.
Rules & Regulations for Students
To Maintain strict discipline to speed up progress and efficiency we are compelled to take certain precautionary measures in the school.

Students are not allowed to bring Mobile Phone in School Campus. In case they bring it, they must deposit it in the Principal Office. If they are found with Mobile Phone in School campus they must be fined Rs. 500/- or their name must be struck off from the Rolls.

Students must respect all the staff members, authorities and the rules & regulations of the school. They must be courteous and polite under all circumstances.

Criticism of the school and authorities be strictly avoided if any one has legitimate, complaint, one should make a complaint in writing to the school authorities through proper channel.

Running and shouting or any other disturbance is not allowed in to school.

Any type of damage to the property of the school is not allowed and if it happens even then, it will have to be compensated by concerned individual only along with the punishment decided by the authorities.

It is compulsory for students to complete 80% of their attendance in session. Students failing short of attendance prescribed, will be detained at the examination.

One who is absent on a day without sanction of leave in advance, will not be allowed to attend class on next day without permission of the Principal.

A student who is absent continuously for 7 days without sanction of leave or, he is absent for more than 7 days in a month, his name will be struck off from school and will be allowed to sit in class only after re-admission.

A student who is absent due to illness for a considerable time must submit a medical certificate along with application to be sanctioned by Principal only.

As the medium of instruction in this school is English in all the subjects except few subjects like Hindi & Punjabi etc, so students should speak in English during periods of English medium subjects.

It is compulsory for every child to participate in at least one game and one co-curricular activity (Stage activity) during a session.

Home work of all the subjects in all the classes will be checked regularly first by the teachers and then sample checking by the Principal. No home work of any subject in any classes form LKG to IV will be given to students at home. It will be done by students in the school under supervision of subject teachers.

For class V to XII, all home work should be submitted by students for correction on appointed dates, after teachers have checked homework, students should do correction automatically, Teacher will check this as well, any negligence on any part will call for punishment.

School fees is charged every month. Fees should be deposited by 10th of every month. If deposited after that five rupees fine per working day will be charged.

If fees not deposited in that month, name will be struck off from the school & readmission fee will be charged, If readmitted which is discretion of School Authorities.